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Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul
Chief Executive Officer and President

Dears Shareholders,

The year 2016 a 134th anniversary of BJC’s business operation in Thailand, BJC has adhered to its resolution of operating with trust, good governance and vision, as one of Thailand’s leading organizations, aiming for creativity and the delivery of excellent products and services that meet the needs of customers in Thailand and beyond. Today, we have moved forward to the local level, through a complete business strategy that covers upstream, midstream and downstream business. BJC has set a target of becoming a good ASEAN company in order to drive business growth in the region. BJC’s regional target is to establish an efficient distribution network for goods and services, being the leading business in each country and ready to link that network to each supply chain.

This will provide consistency, connectivity, unity and assistance for each other in the future. In 2016 BJC expand the business by acquiring retail business Big C Supercenter in Thailand is another important milestone at the mighty BJC and achieve a vision as the leader in the distribution of consumer products used in daily life to customers both in the ASEAN region. Counted as magnification downstream, with stronger Big C is considered a department store retailer, plays an important role in the community. It is esirable to have the big c is a member of the b family BJC.


The BJC will be successful in business within the country. Continue to operate in the ASEAN region. By a prominent and highly respected in Vietnam. This is to support, promote and encourage the small and medium-sized enterprises in trade and foreign investment. BJC has conducted a “BJC support Thai SMEs step forward to Vietnam Market” to continue to focus on policy support of the government. With primary focus on bringing businesses and medium-sized enterprises. To have the opportunity to invest in Vietnam.

Through the business partnership between SMEs of Thailand and Vietnam BJC Group with the support of SMEs and push Thailand to be associated with entrepreneurial potential of Vietnam. Business and economic development of the two countries to develop a sustainable growth path.

If we compare BJC to a tree, it is a large tree, sturdy and strong, with deep roots, standing steadfast in the sunshine and wind for 134 years, with the experience of the past gathered together today. The BJC tree has spread out its branches and blossomed to provide richness and shade to those living there, nourishing them with core values and an organizational culture that upholds these values and sets a code of practice for the organization’s business operations and to reward all stakeholders.

On behave of the chief executive officer and president, I would like to thank to all of the shareholders, customers, investors, business partners, and employees for always trust and support the company, and we are ready to step forward to yield the worth returns to all of you on the transparent business standard, and also create the fresh innovation along with being the good organization for our nation.