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Strength through Heritage

Building Partnerships in Thailand since 1882

The proud and formidable past of over 126 years in Thailand takes Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) to the very forefront of the Thai Trading, Manufacturing and Servicing fields.

The Berli and Jucker families started the first of many strong partnerships when they joined forces to form one of the Kingdom of Siam's earliest and most successful trading companies.

Originally, the Company engaged in rice milling, mining, timber, shipping, imports and other activities that supported a "pre-industrialized" Thailand. By carefully selecting and nurturing local and international partners, BJC continuously prospered over the years on its way to becoming a major Thai import and export firm. After WW II, BJC diversified its operations into manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

A significant and auspicious turn in the history of the Company took place in 1967 when His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej graciously awarded a Royal Garuda emblem to Berli Jucker, which subsequently was registered among the first seven companies to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1975.

The latest milestone in the Company's history was when in 2001 BJC became a member of the Thai Charoen Commercial Group (TCC), one of Thailand's largest conglomerates with businesses spanning industries from brewing to hotels and real estate.

Today, with a staff of over 4,500, we conduct our operations on our own behalf and for distinguished third parties, being one of the leading marketing, sales, distribution systems and service providers in Thailand as well as having several of the most efficient manufacturing operations in Asia.

Strength through Vision

BJC Operations : Structured to Capture Opportunities

From our earliest days as a 19th Century trading house, we have had the strength of vision to choose strong, long-term partners for successful business ventures. Today, we count among our close business associates packaged goods behemoths, leading retailers, and renowned multinational companies such as 3M, 4711, Agfa, Aloka, Ansell, Bio Sidus, Danisco, Dupont, Fujisawa, Genzyme, Hologic, HP Indigo, Imacon, Juvena, Leica, Lorad, Martin, Mentholatum, Polaroid, Quaker Oats, Schwan-Stabilo, Siemens, Taiko, UHU, and etc. Within our core lines of business, BJC and our partners' brands have earned a leading market share. These lines of business remain our sole focus, allowing us to analyze opportunities in these markets, seize upon the best of them, and in so doing, maximize the profitability of each of our partnerships.

In 1987 a Hong Kong-based conglomerate, the First Pacific Group, sharing our vision and corporate philosophy, became a major shareholder of BJC. Both First Pacific and BJC are diverse yet expertise-focused and place great value in nurturing strategic partnerships. Both of us believe that strong, experienced management teams, incentivized by EVA, are the most effective way to serve our partners.

Today, under the strong umbrella of TCC Group, BJC further expands and strengthens its core business base. BJC is gearing up to focus on product quality development at competitive prices to meet its top priority to satisfy clients' needs.

Long been a part of the Thai consumers’ landscape, BJC is committed to its ultimate corporate vision of building long-term brand equity, brand value and reputation, and establishing a strong Thai brand presence in the world trade arena as a leading global conglomerate to be reckoned with. It is determined to grow side by side with the Thais through quality products and efficient services.

Building on Our Strengths

From Manufacturing Excellence to Streamlined Distribution in Select Industries

Partners can count on us to source raw materials, streamline labor, design products for ISO approval, and whatever else is required for the most efficient operations.

Marketing and Sales
We have a long, successful record of creating and building brands for both mass consumer and niche products and services within our core lines of business.

Logistics and Distribution
We control over 70,000 square meters of warehousing, provide state-of-the-art logistics, streamlined customs clearance and exceptional distribution coverage.

When required, we offer our partners practical and flexible financing arrangements.