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  Q: What are major business units of BJC?
A: Currently, BJC has 4 business units, which are
  • 1. Packaging Supply Chain
    Berli Jucker' s Packaging Supply Chain business units focus on design and manufacturing as well as marketing, sales and distribution of packaging products, and offer engineering solutions.
    BJC FAQ Packaging  Supply Chain

    BJC FAQ Packaging  Supply Chain
  • 2. Consumer Supply Chain
    Operates full range of consumer products and services, from manufacturing, distributing, marketing, and retailing for both our owned brand and customers' brands.
    BJC FAQ Packaging  Supply Chain
  • 3. Healthcare Supply Chain and Technical Supply Chain
    BJC has distributed medical products for more than 40 years including pharma - ceutical products, healthcare products, medical imaging, medical equipment and medical supplies.
    Berli Jucker's Technical Supply Chain focuses on building strategic partner - ships with suppliers to provide the latest and most innovative solutions in graphics, Engineering and specialty products.
    BJC FAQ Packaging  Supply Chain
  • 4. Modern Retail Supply Chain
  • 5. Others
    Focuses on retail business in various sectors i.e. English bookstores (Asia Books), and convenience stores in Vietnam (B's mart), as well as seek for opportunity in merger and acquisition and new business development.
    BJC FAQ Packaging  Supply Chain
  Q: What are BJC’s owned brands?
A: • Tasto (Potato Chip), Dozo (Rice Crackers), Party and Campus (Extruded Snacks)
        BJC FAQ  What are BJC's owned brands

       • Parrot (Bar and Liquid Soap), Berli Pops (Cosmetics)
        BJC FAQ  What are BJC's owned brands

       • Cellox, Zilk and Maxmo (Tissue)
        BJC FAQ  What are BJC's owned brands
  Q: What is BJC dividend policy?
A: No less than 50% of net income after future investment requirement.
  Q: What are BJC's main market?
A: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar & Vietnam (CLMV)