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Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul
Chief Executive Officer and President

Dear Shareholders,

Berli Jucker Public Company Limited engages in the business of producing goods and providing services with a strong confidence in the principles of free trade and good business governance practices. We operate our vertically integrated businesses in the region with responsibility, whilst providing quality products and services to enhance people's daily lives. As a result, BJC is today one of the leading companies in Thailand that has been growing sustainably over the past 139 years, and we maintain our regional leadership in business operations through our vertically integrated supply chain of manufacturing and distributing of goods and services.

In the midst of changes caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 over the past two years, the company proceeded with proactive management by continuously adjusting its strategies and developing its operational procedures to maximize efficiency. Thanks to the cooperation from shareholders, Executive Board, and staff members, BJC was able to tackle the pandemic quickly and effectively. During this time, the company navigated the COVID-19 outbreak by building trust, educating the customers about its strict and standardized sanitation measures in place, and by expanding all distribution platforms to respond to the needs of customers of all lifestyles.

Moreover, in the aspect of business and financial performance, BJC was inevitably affected by the external factors arising from the aforementioned COVID-19 outbreak. However, as the company established effective, multi-faceted operational directions and strategies to respond to the situation its financial position remained robust.

In terms of our business operation approach, BJC adheres and follows the principles of good governance to support its growth in the long run, whilst keeping the stable value creation for each and every business at heart. In 2021, BJC was honored with various sustainability recognition, e.g. Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (Silver Class), FTSE4Good, THSI Thailand Sustainability Investment, and ESG100 – Thaipat ESG Index. We also aim to achieve our net-zero greenhouse gas emission goal within 2050 by improving the efficiency of our manufacturing process, using products which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing carbon reserves and sinks. This is due to our belief that, as an organization, we have roles and responsibilities to do our part in preserving the environment and society for sustainability.

BJC is like a big tree, with its strong roots deeply planted in the soil, thriving, branching out and providing shade to everyone and every sector in Thailand. BJC operates with the principle of good governance, driving the organization with good corporate values and culture, with care and responsibility to the community, to the environment, and with consistent good returns to all stakeholders. In my capacity as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all shareholders, business associates, investors, business partners, customers, and every staff member for the trust you have in us and for consistently providing your support to the operations of BJC Group. We are ready for a steady advance into our 140th year to guide the BJC Group into the global market, aiming to provide worthy returns to everyone to the fullest extent of our capabilities on the basis of transparent business operations and bringing benefit to the country.