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BJC Sustainability

Sustainability is our ability to maintain a delicate balance of healthy environmental, social and economic system, indefinitely, on global and local scales. With our vision to become the leading center of production, distribution and services from upstream to downstream in Thailand and in ASEAN, it has been our priority to increasingly integrate sustainability principles throughout our business operations. We are guided by the principles of sustainable development as we harmonize with stakeholders across our value chain, addressing customer’s expectations, and enhancing the well-being of communities. In turn, generating successful synergies, contributing to the global actions of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Illustrated in our logo, BJC is like a big tree, deeply rooted within Thailand. Big trees generate countless benefits whether it is combating against climate change, providing us with oxygen, creating economic opportunities from harvests or bringing diverse groups of people together through activities, inspiring our business to recreate such value throughout our operations. As BJC embarks on this journey, we are committed to communicating our sustainability performance annually through a Sustainability Report. This year, we will convey our sustainability performance through the theme “The Green Big Tree Growing Sustainably Together”, flourishing in all three dimensions of growing with prosperity, growing with environmental responsibility, and growing with society.

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